OpenHack 2020

by NUS Hackers


Once you have submitted at least one pull request or have completed your open-source project, you can now start to make a submission!

We will be using GitHub's Issue Tracker for submissions. By doing so, you can also update your submission incrementally (i.e. add PR after PR as you complete them) instead of submitting it in one go, so that we can quickly provide feedback on your PRs / project if necessary.

To make a submission, visit the OpenHack submission repository's issue tracker and follow these instructions:

  1. Click on the New Issue button.
  2. Click on the Get started button on the submission template.
  3. Include your GitHub username in the title.
  4. Fill out the issue template with your submission details.
  5. Note that we are using an issue template, so only edit the portions relevant to your submission. You can preview the submission form by clicking on the Preview tab.
  6. Make your submission!

Once you have made a submission, someone will review it and get back with further instructions!